7 Must-Haves For Your Bedroom

“Beautiful, soothing and comfortable”, these three adjectives are the best words to describe an ideal bedroom. Our bedrooms should be no less than a retreat for us, a place where we can let our hair down and feel cosy and comfortable in our favourite pyjamas. You cannot create a resplendent bedroom without the right furniture. Be it small or big in size, traditional or contemporary in style, with the right furniture, you can bring beauty and functionality to your room. Evok brings to you the most resplendent collection of elegant bedroom furniture that will blend well with any bedroom interior. Here we spotlight on the furniture essentials for a perfect bedroom!

1. Bed
2. Wardrobe
3. Chest of drawers
4. Night stand
5. Dressing table
6. Book shelves
7. Study and laptop tables
8. Bedroom decor

1. Bed 

Archer Engineerwood Queen Bed
Archer Engineerwood Queen Bed

Your bed is like your most comfortable place. Your bed can be the best place to have your favourite comfort food while you binge watch your favourite show. So, when it comes to beds, go for nothing but the best. Handcrafted wooden beds can never fail you! Get one that is made with fine quality wood for giving you the perfect relaxing feel. Opt for a size that fits well in your bedroom and does not appear like its blocking too much space. You can opt for storage beds to save on space as well.
Opt for a king or queen size bed depending on the available space in your bedroom. The queen size bed is definitely a great choice for couples who want a spacious bed. On the other hand, the king size bed is also larger than life option for those who want a wider bed for extra comfort and space. Both these beds look great giving off a royal appeal to any bedroom decor.


4 door wardrobe
Malena Engineered Wood 4 Door Wardrobe

The humble almirahs have now given way to stylish wardrobes that have become an inevitable feature of most modern bedrooms. Wardrobes have made storage of clothes convenient and stylish at the same time. If you are a true-blue dresser, then you can select from a range of wardrobe designs such as single door, double door or as many doors as you want. Opt for chic sliding doors and built-in mirrors for an enhanced aura.

3. Chest of drawers

Chest Of 4 Drawer
Sophia Solidwood Chest Of 4 Drawer

The chest of drawers adds a vintage touch to a bedroom. It is highly functional in storing your knick-knacks and a whole lot of your other essentials. You can bring home a premium quality wooden chest of drawers for its long-lasting feature and splendid appeal. These come in a variety of designs and you can also get one customized as per your requirement. The chest of drawers really adds up to the storage space in your bedroom and helps in keeping your daily essentials organized.


Night Stand
Isabella Engineer Wood Night Stand – Walnut & White

A nightstand or a bedside table adds a sense of completeness to a bedroom. It is not just décor furniture but a highly functional piece that acts as a mini storage space and a stand for holding your favourite lampshade. Go for a durable and first-rate wooden nightstand to bring an aesthetic appeal with a touch of royalty to your bedroom. You can get customized nightstands that blend well with your bed design and merges with your bedroom décor theme. Pick a neutral color bedside nightstand or any color as per your choice.

5. Dressing table

Dressing Table
Isabella Engineered Wood Tall Dresser With Mirror- Walnut & White

Another bedroom essential, how can anybody do without a dressing table? All of us spend a good deal of time dressing up for the day, for outings and for parties, so, there is no question of having a bedroom without a classic dressing table. Perfectly engineered, built-in wooden dressing tables are something you can never fail with. Not only do they provide ample storage space for your stuff but also enhance the beauty of your room. There are varied options available ranging from dressing tables with long cabinets and built-in mirror to those that come with a traditional chest of drawers. Bring home a perfect dressing table and create your personal space within your bedroom that will serve as the right grooming station for you!

6. Book shelves

For all those bibliophiles who gorge on books, bookshelves are must-have furniture pieces for their bedroom. If you have a generous collection of books to flaunt, then go for a stylish bookshelf for your bedroom and bring life to it. Bookshelves can be fixed to the wall or if you have extra space then go for a book stand with multiple shelves. You can select from a rainbow collection of curated bookshelf designs that come in superior quality wood for a splendid vibe.

7. Study and laptop tables

Study Desk
Harley Engineered Wood Study Desk With Bookcase-Beech

Study tables are great essentials in a bedroom. Your bedroom being the most peaceful space in your house, it is likely that you would want to put in your work-from-home hours without any disturbance and at a comfortable space. Pick up from a range of sturdy collection of study tables that can serve as your laptop table and hold your pile of books with your other study essentials. Remember, a proper study-space or work-space works wonders in increasing your productivity, so whether you are a student or a working professional, a proper study or laptop table is a must-have bedroom furniture.

8. Bedroom decor


Bedroom décor adds more drama to space and makes it come alive. If you choose the right décor elements for your bedroom then you have created a peaceful and beautiful sanctuary for yourself. Here are some necessary bedroom décor elements that you should get for your bedroom:

Photo frames

Multi Picture Rustic Wooden Logs Collage Photo Frame, Home And Wall Decorations Set

Add a personal touch to your bedroom with a photo collection that will make you cherish your beloved moments every time. There are truckloads of designer wooden photo frames that can add a zing to your wall.

Wall lamps

Wall Lamp
Edison Industrial Glass Globe Wall Lamp

Accessorize your space with aesthetic wall lamps and add magic to it with gorgeous wall lamps. With many vintage and contemporary designs, you are sure to get spoilt for choice.

Wall clocks

Wall Clock L1329B
Wall Clock L1329B

These are essential elements that now come in designer styles and have become magnificent décor elements of a bedroom. You can choose from modern to antique designs and add to the utility and beauty of your bedroom wall.

Bedroom furnishing is all about creating a sense of comfort while adding a touch of beauty to space. Your choice of bedroom furniture should streamline to your personal taste and the décor theme of your room. The appropriate furniture does all the work to transform your bedroom into everything that you need. Evok is a luxury furniture store that fulfils your requirement for the ultimate furniture choices. It is a brand known for its quality and perfection and varied range of curated designs that are crafted by the best engineers in the industry. We focus on customer satisfaction and believe in giving the best to our valued customers. If you want furniture that is a fine blend of beauty and functionality, then Evok is the brand to go for!

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