Wardrobe Buying Guide : 8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wardrobe

Today, let us talk about creating an efficient and well-organized wardrobe. A bedroom wardrobe has become an essential part of the design in modern homes. It helps to optimize the space while providing sufficient storage and improving the aesthetics of the bedroom. While designing a wardrobe, if you want to know — should I buy a stand-alone wardrobe or customize a built-in wardrobe, what are the types of clothing wardrobes available in the market, what are the latest types of wardrobe styles, or how much will a wardrobe cost.

7 Ideas to Creatively Set Up a Home Office

The new normal has given rise to the Work From Home (WFH) concept. Different home scenarios lead to as many home office ideas. In smaller houses, the loft or living room corner becomes an office, whereas, in bigger homes, an extra room is required to set up an office. What is essential is that you separate your home space from the office space so that you can physically step away from the computer after office hours. 
Your home office needs to provide the perfect balance between work life and family life. With the WFH office now a necessity, let us learn how to set up a home office innovatively that will help you collaborate better with your team from a distance.

Bed Buying Guide : 7 Things to Keep In Mind When Buying a Bed

The bed has to be the favourite piece of furniture for everyone. After all, it is the only place to lie down and relax after a hectic day or simply unwind ourselves when we feel lazy. The bed is always associated with comfort, so you should never compromise with its quality. With a plethora of kinds and designs available, you need to know which one will fit in accordance with your requirement. In this blog, we are dropping some helpful information that will help you buy the perfect wooden bed for yourself.

10 Amazing Furniture Ideas For Duplexes

Duplexes are often categorized as luxury living units that comprise 2 housing sections joined together by a staircase. Consisting of two floors, a duplex house has quite a number of rooms including a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, etc. Often the two sections have different entry points making duplexes one of the most convenient and spacious housing facilities for modern families.

7 Benefits Of Using A Kitchen Chimney

Over the years, as cooking developed from a necessity to a recreational activity, it has prompted the invention of various types of appliances to make the process more efficient and enjoyable. Today, kitchen appliances are no longer just facilitators but means for all our kitchen activities. Our life, to a certain extent, has come to depend on them. Moreover, certain appliances also aid our well-being efforts, such as kitchen chimneys.

Air Cooler Buying Guide

With the arrival of the hot and humid summer months, battling the heat becomes a huge challenge. No doubt, air cooling appliances are the most sought after products during the summers. While air conditioners often pinch hard on the pocket, air coolers are usually the pocket-friendly preference for most of us. They are, in fact, the best cooling solutions for areas with dry summer air.

7 Must-Haves For Your Bedroom

“Beautiful, soothing and comfortable”, these three adjectives are the best words to describe an ideal bedroom. Our bedrooms should be no less than a retreat for us, a place where we can let our hair down and feel cosy and comfortable in our favourite pyjamas. You cannot create a resplendent bedroom without the right furniture. Be it small or big in size, traditional or contemporary in style, with the right furniture, you can bring beauty and functionality to your room. Evok brings to you the most resplendent collection of elegant bedroom furniture that will blend well with any bedroom interior. Here we spotlight on the furniture essentials for a perfect bedroom!

7 Kitchen Appliances that will Add Grace to your Compact Kitchen

You will agree when we say that the kitchen is hands down one of the most important parts of your house. Food is integral to every culture, therefore, the place which is meant to prepare food is considered sacred in a country like India. The kitchen area is responsible for your and your family’s nourishment; the place where appetizing meals are prepared. If you love food but hate eating out, then you need to stock up on modern kitchen equipment. These pieces of equipment will not only enhance the appearance of your kitchen but make cooking fast, easy and fun!