What Does your Furniture say about You?

Your choices and tastes say a lot about your personality. The furniture you choose reflects who you are and what you want to convey to your guests when they step into your house. So why not learn more about what your furniture choices say about your personality?

1) Traditional wooden furniture :
Are you a fan of clawed feet on couches and richly designed chairs? Does the intricately carved wooden furniture draw you towards it? Then maybe traditional furniture is where your liking lies

Traditional Furniture

Usually, traditional home designs have an ancient feel with carved mouldings, antique furnishings, and graceful lines. Your home feels very warm and comfortable.

If you’re someone who is drawn to this kind of home design, you find an elegance in these well carved wooden pieces that are viewed as timeless. You enjoy the feeling of nostalgia and the feel of having utmost comfort at home. Traditional furniture is considered to be of very high quality and surely makes a statement when placed in your home.

2) Modern or contemporary furniture:
Would you want your home to have clean lines and distinct corners with the simplicity of light materials? Do you like the overall vibe of “less is more”? If yes, then contemporary furniture is where your heart lies.

Contemporary Furniture

The contemporary style of furniture and home decor focuses on open floor plans and ample empty space. Colours are lighter, lines are cleaner and there’s too much of natural light making the room feel more airy and comfortable.

Contemporary houses look cleaner and organised. If your house is designed in a contemporary way then you’re someone who takes modern trends very seriously. You are always up-to-date with the trends and you aim to use furniture to create a spacious house. You are attracted to modern furniture and home designs that make your home look new and trendy. You like efficiency in life and that’s how you want your home to be like. You like to be organised and uncluttered and try to live a complication free life.

3) Transitional furniture:
Can’t select one between temporary furniture and contemporary? Transitional is a perfect pick for you! Transitional design is a modern mix of classic traditional and contemporary designs.

Transitional Furniture

Transitional pieces tend to combine traditional and contemporary elements to create a sense of ease throughout the room. If transitional furniture is where your heart lies then you are always on a search for furniture that blends together. You want everyone to relax and enjoy the company around them with furniture that doesn’t pose any distractions.

So which furniture style suits you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Aarsun Woods

    Very nice Title I must say. Nice post indeed… There are many types of furniture with many different styles and designs too. As per my point of view Furniture should be an eye catcher and long lasting. The article was very thorough and I believe the same. Hope to get more insights on how to blend different styles in one.

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