Un-Clutter your home with these interesting tricks from Evok

Is there no place to walk around in your house? Do you think where you can hide all the stuff when guests are about to come? You need everything and definitely can’t throw anything away. So your house is overflowing with stuff all the time. We at Evok understand this and have put together these 10 tips to unclutter your house.

  • Close off space with a curtain when it’s a mess. Simply draw the curtains and you have a clean space. You could hide your kids’ stuff behind a beautifully designed curtain. There is nothing wrong with covering up things that don’t look organized.


  • Cover your table with a skirted tablecloth and hide your wastebasket or other “graphic content” underneath. This helps use un-utilized space better like the underneath of a table and gives you the little extra space you’ve always been looking for. This works great with coffee tables, end tables and nightstands.screenshot-docs-google-com-2016-10-13-15-39-16

  • Stash your keys holder behind the photo-frames on the wall. This keeps them safe from being grabbed by people and prevents clutter on the wall near the exit door. This is a brilliant way to conceal your keys in a handy location and yet safe from the hands of the people you wouldn’t trust.screenshot-docs-google-com-2016-10-13-15-41-36

  • Laundry is one of the messiest areas in the household, water dripping, clothes all over the place and so on and so forth. Disguise your laundry space with beautiful sliding doors. Slide One door and everything’s conveniently hidden.screenshot-docs-google-com-2016-10-13-15-42-58

  • Your kids have too many shoes and you are out of space to keep them. Use a behind-the-door shoe rack for storing tons of shoes or stuff you don’t use as frequently.screenshot-docs-google-com-2016-10-13-15-46-59

  • Nobody likes to trip on wires and damage both themselves and the wires. Pull bookshelves out slightly to hide cords for gadgets in the back.screenshot-docs-google-com-2016-10-13-15-48-22

  • Keep open and close furniture. Hit the play button, open the bar start the party, when the party ends just hit pause and close the furniture.


  • What if those staircases could be used better. They have got tons of space under them and mostly goes un or under-utilized. Build a modular stair and use it’s space freely.


Image Credits: www.pinterest.com

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