Storage Essentials For De-cluttering Your Beautiful Homes

No matter how hard we try, running out of space is one problem that we just cannot escape. In this world full of interesting ideas and things, running into filled drawers and cabinets with no space left is the last thing we want on our minds. Limiting our belongings means having to limit our desires and interests. And that is something that no one should have to face.

Here is the list of storage furniture:
1. Modular Wardrobe
2. Chest of Drawers
3. Dressing Tables
4. Display & Entertainment Units
5. Shoe Racks
6. Bookshelves
7. Bar Units & Cabinets
8. Buffet Tables & Trolleys

We all want our homes to look beautiful and impressive. At the same time, we have stuff that needs to be stored and only organizing it will allow us to enjoy the maximum space. If you are on a spree to organize your living room, bedroom or working space, you are in the right place!

Below are some storage tips which will help you store all your favourite items without letting your house get cluttered.

1. Modular Wardrobes

Modular Wardrobe

Doesn’t matter how big your wardrobe is, it can never be big enough to fit all your clothes and accessories. Well, don’t worry, you don’t need to cut down on your belongings or cancel your shopping plans. What you really need is a modular wardrobe which can be customized as per your requirements. A tailor-made wardrobe which will not only save space and fit all your belongings but also make your bedroom look more stylish.

2. A Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawer

Getting a chest of drawers is the perfect way to store all the nitty-gritties which you always find lying around in your bedroom or living room despite your best efforts to fit everything in the drawers of your bedside table or nightstands. These act as mini wardrobes for all your daily as well as your occasional essentials.

3. Dressing Tables 

Dressing Table

A bedroom looks incomplete without a dressing table. We spend so much time everyday dressing up and looking at ourselves in the mirror so why not get a dressing table with an attached mirror which stores all your grooming accessories and makes your bedroom look more organized?

4. Display & Entertainment Units

TV storage unit
Entertainment Unit

Most of us prefer unwinding from our stressful routines in our living room, in front of the TV. Our TV not only gets noticed by us but also by our guests, who we mostly tend to meet within our living rooms. Therefore, it only makes sense to get a nice and spacious display unit for our TVs to rest on and also to showcase all our beautiful pieces of decor. 

5. Shoe Racks

Shoe rack
Shoe rack

Shoe racks may seem like insignificant pieces of furniture as most of the time they are unable to accommodate our entire collection of footwear and thus end up not being used that much. The problem does not lie in the number of footwear you possess but with your choice of the shoe rack. Why settle for a small shoe rack when you can get a tall one with which you can stack up and store all your footwear.

6. Bookshelves


A bookshelf is something that you’ll find in every book lover’s house. But even if you aren’t a bookworm who keeps stocking up on new books to read and rather a person who likes to glance at your existing collection once in a while, a nice bookshelf or a book rack is something that you should definitely consider getting to manage your personal mini-library.

7. Bar Units & Cabinets

Bar Units & Cabinets

If you enjoy having a drink or two with your friends or even by yourself and you often find your refrigerator stocked with your drinks and your drinking glasses occupying space in your kitchen cabinets, maybe it’s time you considered investing in a bar cabinet or even a wine rack which would not only keep all your bottles and glasses in one place but also create your very own mini-bar that’s worth flaunting.

8. Buffet Tables & Trolleys

Buffet Table & Trolley

Serving meals to your family is a daily chore and can become a little tedious sometimes due to the several trips you need to make from your kitchen to your dining room and back. A buffet table or trolley makes for a perfect serving space with drawers and cabinets for storing all your cutlery, crockery and your dining essentials.

So whether you’re a bookworm, a music junkie or just someone who loves to shop, there will always be enough space for your expanded collections. You will never have to part ways from your beloved items and they can be collected over time to form a memory trunk that takes you into the good old days whenever you open it up. From storage cabinets to shoe racks to bookshelves, Evok has designed the perfect pieces of furniture that look stylish on the outside and are spacious on the inside.

With a splendid range of storage furniture for your favorite stuff, you will have room for all that you want to keep and for all that you’ll ever need. Is there anything else we can ask for?  

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