Simple tips to make tiny spaces look large

In today’s world space comes at a premium. If you have also got a bedroom, living room or any other space in the home and office which feels claustrophobic due to space constraint.

There are simple yet effective ways of making space look larger without breaking the bank. Have a look at some of those ways which can enlarge the appearance of the room.

Use Mirrors
Mirrors have a secret weapon in their arsenal i.e. reflecting light, which gives a sense of openness and wide space. You can use a single large mirror or wall décor mirrors in your room which bring in the good amount of light and gives the room a sense of airiness.

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You can also put mirrors on your wardrobe doors. This will instantly double the size of your bedroom but the cost and modification needed is more. Have a look at good options of wall décor mirrors.

Light colours on walls
Light colours create an illusion of space. If we use the same colour on the walls and ceilings it’s become difficult for eyes to tell where the room starts and ends which makes you feel that room is quite large.

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Multipurpose Items
Multipurpose items are the best solution which carves out extra space from any available are. Let’s take the example of Sofa cum Bed which instantly gives you extra space whenever you need it.

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Space saver furniture
Furniture that is small or those folds up, which allow it to become smaller when not required, is ideal for small spaces. For e.g. take a look at this coffee table which is quite a space saver.

Compressed Dining Table

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