Planning to redecorate? These 5 popular interior decor themes can give your home a stunning makeover

There are three reasons why you are here.
First, you are decorating your new house and are confused. Second, you are looking for a change in your interior decor. Or third, you are a religious follower of Evok’s posts. If that’s the case, we like you.

Well, you are in the right place. We all know the confusion and the overwhelming feeling we get when we decide to decorate or redecorate our house. All the information on the Internet without any order to things can sometimes confuse us even more.

Setting up decor is an incredibly complex task. You need the right furniture, right color tones and most importantly, the right balance. Also, you have a lot of themes to choose from. Which brings us to the topic of the hour – Themes.

There are themes that can make your house look like a forest cabin, a royal palace, a 70’s house, an art studio, a minimal home, a medieval home or even a monastery.

Here are some of the themes that can transform your house according to your tastes:-

1. Traditional –

modular-wardrobeThe traditional theme comes from 18th century England and France, It is one of the most popular and widely used themes. A mix of straight and curved lines are used to decorate the house. Light carving is also done on the furniture to give it more detail. The theme gives importance to symmetry where the decor and furniture always go in pairs and the layout is always calm and orderly.

The patterns used in the theme include floral prints, damasks, paisleys, chinoiseries and plaids. The hardwood floors that are almost always used with this design gives the room a royal look. The theme tends to lean over heavier looking furniture using dark tonewoods. Mahogany, Maple and Cherry are the woods that are generally used. Leather, Velvet and Silk are the fabrics used in this theme. Chandeliers, classic lamps and vases are some of the decor items used here. Traditional design.

Choose this theme if – you love vintage, warm colors and antique things. One might say that it is the complete opposite of Minimalism because of all the details involved in this theme.

The traditional theme is truly a timeless style if that’s what interests you.

2. Contemporary –

modular-wardrobeAs the name suggests, the contemporary theme refers to the here and now, the current time. What is contemporary now may not be contemporary in 5 to 10 years as the theme is always evolving. So let’s talk about the contemporary theme as of 2018.

Classic and geometric patterns are used in Contemporary design. Colorful prints should be avoided as Masculine color palettes are used where the colors are muted neutral colors like Browns, Olives and Turquoises… Sleek clean lines are used in this theme to give a sharp look to the house. The furniture should be uncluttered and without curves. One must avoid using heavy looking carpets and go with geometric rugs to keep the floor looking clean. Oversized artworks are common in this theme. Indirect lights could be considered for some even lighting.

All this is contemporary to us now. But who knows what might get added to it in the years to come.

Choose this theme if – you love neutral color palettes, have a smaller space to decorate.

3. Modern –

Modern doesn’t necessarily mean the style of the present day. That’s Contemporary – the theme discussed above. It is often confused with each other and used interchangeably. But the modern interior design theme actually comes from the 20th century.

Use of wood and earthy elements is prominent in this theme. Metals are used to accent the sleek style of the house. This theme uses an open floor plan as its layout. A modern kitchen can also be installed to give the house a fuller look. The colors used in this theme are generally neutral.

You might have noticed from the pictures that there are similarities between Contemporary and Modern. That’s because it is. Some elements of the 19th century Modern theme are still being incorporated in the current theme of Contemporary design.

Choose this theme if – you love neutral colors, but want to add a dash of texture with wood or metal to create an elegant contrast.

4. Rustic –


This is a style that can give your house a rugged and grungy look. It employs sticks, twigs and logs in the decor to give a natural look. The rustic theme is also referred to as Country style. The word rustic comes from the French word ‘Rustique’. This theme is influenced by the Upstate New York cabins.

Wooden and furry textures are used to make it look like a cottage home. A fireplace is something people consider a must-have when decorating in the rustic style. Wood is an important element in Rustic design. The walls and floor are both made of wood which is the wide plank. And when the ceiling is also wooden, the house emits an aura of luxurious simplicity. Wooden walls can be substituted with brick walls. Brown and light yellow colors are used here. Antique decorative elements and outdoor garden elements are used to decorate the house. Woven textiles, stone, canvas and elements can also be incorporated in the decor. One must make sure that no modern elements like metal, plastic and synthetic fibres are used.

Choose this theme if – a forest cabin kind of look is something you have in mind

5. Eclectic –


This theme comes from the 19th century. The word ‘eclectic’ in Greek means ‘selective’. Same way, in the eclectic interior design, different themes of interior design are mixed and a new design is formed. There is no single style is eclectic. One must give a chance to styles that are old and new, from East and West. What’s important is to balance the themes and the layout, more important than the color of the fabrics. One must not try to be consistent in this theme.

The backdrop of the room should be simple. One go-to color must be picked for the furniture. And the furniture can be mismatched, Trims, tassels and fringes are usually used in eclectic design. There must be a focal point in the decor, and that should be a statement piece, one that shines among others. This is one theme that allows the use of wood, stone, metal and glass. One should avoid black decor or furniture.

It’s not an easy theme to pull off. One must not mistake it for “Anything will go”. So if this is something that you are planning, make sure you have the balance perfectly right. Choose this theme if – you love collecting pieces from your travels, love shopping in antique stores. However, keep in mind to always balance out odd shapes and sizes with colors.

This was just something that can help you to build on your ideas. To make a dream home, one must finalize their vision of the dream home. i.e, the layout, the colors, the furniture, the decor. Only then can one start selecting and decorating the home.

Now that you are somewhat informed about the themes of interior design, we think you are ready to start decorating.

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Good Luck!

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