Pillow Styling Ideas for Bedroom

If you think about it, we all spend 6–8 hours in bed every day. That means your bedroom is definitely a place you need to invest in, like a solid bed and more importantly, amazing bedding. Today we’re gonna discuss some amazing styling tips for bedroom styling. We’ll also tell you how to style your pillows on a bed. Let’s get started!

  1. The Minimal Way:
    The term itself gives you the idea of not giving away everything yet making a strong impact, with 2 king pillows and one lumbar pillow adding a statement to it. This type of pillow decor gives an effortlessly sophisticated look giving a spot-on look. Lumbar pillows are the best! They seriously complete the whole look and you can change theme-wise without making major changes. And don’t forget to layer a fun, patterned blanket at the end of the bed.

  1. More the merrier:
    Now, this is the one for all them; “extra” pillow lovers. You can pair your back pillows with the basic two and accessorize with the accent pillows. All these extra pillows come with a benefit of one, it gives you great back support and also makes your bed look huge! Chic is the new trend so throw them extra’s and design your bed.

  1. Messy and Mass:
    A messy look is why not for the current trend. This uber stylish look is something you could experiment of you have no OCD! The title does the justice this is more of freehand decor all you gotta do is add the basic pillow. Then layer a few of your favourite throws and quilts. Embrace the wrinkles and everything. Again, lumbar pillow saves the day!

So here is our little pillow talk for your bedroom. And if you are looking for the best bed’s that could last long and affordable hit to www.evok.in and make your bedroom the star and comfort.


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