Create space for yourself and everything you own: Modular Wardrobe

Spacious home is something that we all dream of, but thanks to our undying desire for shopping, laziness and hoarding old things, we end up with a whole lot of unnecessary items. Storage has always been an issue and though we’ve tried all sorts of hacks to fix the situation, does it ever work? Even if it does, it will only solve your problem temporarily but will ruin the design aesthetics of your room.

Do You Know What’s Cooking? Its Modular Kitchen.

Have you ever come across that moment when you observe there’s no space for your dabbas (tiffin box) in the kitchen, and the vessels and equipment won’t fit anymore in that so-called spacious cabinet. When you can’t find your spatula in the forest of knives, whiskers and whatnot, or when you smell that chicken tikka from 2 days before still making you feel claustrophobic.

Pillow Styling Ideas for Bedroom

If you think about it, we all spend 6–8 hours in bed every day. That means your bedroom is definitely a place you need to invest in, like a solid bed and more importantly, amazing bedding. Today we’re gonna discuss some amazing styling tips for bedroom styling. We’ll also tell you how to style your pillows on a bed. Let’s get started!

5 little festive ideas that can make big difference this Diwali ‘17

Diwali is the most glamorous festival celebrated in India for 5 days. This means a lot of you are going to be busy prepping for the big day because you will be hosting a Diwali party and want to leave no stone unturned in making your house look perfect for the day. Here are some little ideas that can make a big difference in your decor this season. So get your notepads out and set yourself for easy efforts that could make a big difference to your home.