How to use lighting to up your interior game

Light is used to illuminate. Light is used to guide. Light is used to highlight. In interior design, lighting is an art. There is a process to lighting, where the different types are added to the room in the form of layers.

The lighting and its position have to be planned according to the purpose of the room. If the living room is the subject, ambient lighting is to be considered first and then accent lighting. If the bedroom is the subject, task lighting is often used. General to specific is the way to go when planning the room lighting.

Talking about the types of lighting, there are 3, each with a different function.
Ambient,, Task and Accent.
Let’s get into some detail.

1. Ambient

Ambient lighting is one of the most common types of lighting. It is also called general lighting. Ambient lighting is used to uniformly illuminate a room, without creating shadows.  It gives a soft tone of light and doesn’t give out a glare. Ambient light is considered as natural light in a room. It is meant to just illuminate the room, not ideal for work or for highlighting decor. Strategically placed lights can create a warm and cosy environment in the room. Ideally, the ambient light is supposed to come from a central point in the room, other lighting layers are added upon that.

Types – Recessed Lighting  Wall Sconces, Chandeliers, Pendant Lighting

Recessed Lighting – Recessed lighting is where the light is receded into the ceiling. These lights can be adjusted with a 90-degree range. Recessed lighting has a narrow band of light. One may have to install a series of Recessed lights.

Wall Sconces – They are lights-mounted on a wall, providing direct light. Wall sconces can give light in both upward and downward directions. This kind of lighting gives a classy feel to space.

Chandeliers – Chandeliers are downward facing light fixtures in a fancy set up which gives a grandiose look to the house. They are installed generally in all living rooms.

Pendant Lighting – Pendant lighting directs light downwards as they are suspended from the ceiling. It works great as a light source and also as a piece of home decor.

2. Task –

As the name suggests, this lighting is used to perform tasks. Task lighting targets a particular area of a room. It is a more concentrated light, which illuminates for specific tasks, like reading, writing, cooking, working, etc. Task lighting is also sometimes called office lighting. Task lighting only works well when it is used as a contrasting light. This kind of lighting is very common in a home. It keeps your eyes from getting tired too fast. You need to pre-plan about the areas that you would be using to read, write or work. Task lights would go near the study table, reading chair, kitchen area.

Types – Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps, Under-Cabinet Lighting
Desk Lamps – Desk lamps are used to provide task lighting for the activities performed on a desk – reading and writing, They always give out a decorative feel to the room.

Floor Lamps – Floor lamps are desk lamps, but taller and more stylish. This lighting goes well in libraries/reading space of the house.

Under-Cabinet Lighting – Here, the light source is attached under the cabinets of the workspace or a study table or the kitchen to providing task lighting to space.

3. Accent –

Types – Track Lighting, Spot Lighting. Stairwell Lights
Track Lighting – This is mounted or suspended from the ceiling. This provides overall light in the room and also can be adjusted to face a certain direction for highlighting purposes.

Spot Lighting – Spotlights are used mostly to bring attention to a piece of decor or a painting.

Stairwell Lights – These lights are used to highlight the steps of the staircase for safety as well as aesthetic purposes.

There’s an art to the positioning, but it is one that is not too difficult. Just think about the main function of the room and then proceed with the layers that are relevant. Like we said before, general to specific. And you’ll be on your way to creating a beautifully lit house. Tell us in the comments which kind of lighting looks the most appealing!
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