How to Use Greenery and Plant Decor to Create Your Own Zen Corner

We are in an age where a sense of rush and chaos constantly surrounds us. We are aiming to achieve all that we wish for and in order to get to our goals, we tend to overwork ourselves. We also do not find time for ourselves which tends to take a toll on our mental health. There was a time when people used to come back home to a relaxing environment away from the workplace but with the advent of advancements in the technological domain, the boundaries between the workplace and home have also somehow blurred.

This then creates a problematic situation as we find a really hard time reviving from our stressful lives. If there could be one corner in our homes that we could dedicate solely to reviving our mind, body, and soul, it could work wonders in calming us down. A corner where we could just surrender ourselves to nature and let it work its magic in helping us rejuvenate. Well, we have the perfect idea for a space like that- your very own Zen corner.

Few things that will help you add greenery in your house decor :
1. Pick the Perfect Corner
2. Bring in the Greens
3. Create the Perfect Vibe
4. Keep it Simple and Comfortable

You can now have your own little Zen corner and watch yourself evolve into a calm and composed person. It could seem like a huge task creating a corner like that but with these tips and tricks you can do it with great ease and trust us, it will be worth it!

Pick the Perfect Corner

When selecting a space for creating your Zen corner, try to keep it as close to nature as possible. Meaning it is always better to create a Zen corner in a balcony space or near a window or some outlet that allows natural light to seep into the home. This would introduce the outside environment into your home and would also help you recreate your own version of it in the interiors of your home. You can also enjoy a great time in the fresh air which is extremely relaxing for the body. But if you cannot manage to free up a space like that, the interiors would work just fine as long as the aura created in the area makes you feel good and helps you relax.

Bring in the Greens

Nature has always had a huge part to play when it comes to calming the nerves and soothing the soul. Nature and greenery introduce the aspect of natural freshness and into the home and make you instantly feel at ease and very relaxed. The effect of the color green is extensively relaxing on the human eye. The restful and the quietness of the color soothes the eye and relaxes the brain. You can take a break from all your worries as you indulge in a meditative journey even it is for a little while. A little bit goes a long way in improving your overall quality of life. You can look out for different plants and pick whatever features you would want to introduce in your home. For a balcony set up, you can opt for plants that require more sunlight and for a window or interior zen corner, you may go for indoor plants and even succulents. They can be placed in smaller pots and look amazingly exotic. You may also opt for certain plants that cleanse the air inside your home so you get to meditate in a fresh environment.

Create the Perfect Vibe

A Zen corner calls for a truly stress-relieving environment. You need to create a relaxing vibe for your space with a perfect blend of teeny tiny decor elements. Work with patterns and texture that give out a calming effect. You can also add bells or chimes as they create a positive ring into your home. You can also pick out some fragrances that you like and inculcate those in your everyday meditation routine. Some lights and candles can also be used to lend a warm, soothing feel to space.

Keep it Simple and Comfortable

When designing your Zen corner you must always remain conscious of the motive of its creation. It is intended for your relaxation and rejuvenation. Going too overboard in designing it will eventually lead to the dissolution of its aim. If you accessorize it way more than is required, it may end up looking cluttered and clutter never really goes well with calmness. Go light and low on the elements you add in and focus more upon how the putting together of this Zen corner is making you feel. Keep making it better as per your liking and you are set to enjoy a great time in your little corner.

Sink into rejuvenation every day. De-stress with your very own Zen corner. You do not need much to create one for yourself, just a huge dose of motivation, some great furniture from Evok, and the will to bring about a positive change into your life and you are all set to design your very own Zen corner. Do not wait any more, begin right away!

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