Evok’s Retail Employee’s Day

On 12th December Evok celebrates Retail Employee Day. Where we celebrate a whole day dedicated to our

dear employee’s who devote all their time on our dear customers.



Like every day our employee’s

work hard and put their best

foot forward in order to help

you buy that perfect product

for your home. Their constant smile and ready to help attitude has always helped in building the

goodwill of our brand. Let’s sparkle their day with “thank-you” and make them feel special for a day.


We at Evok believe in

appreciating our employee’s

effort and dedication and want

them to feel motivated with

such events to make them feel positive and

boosted to do more great work and keep up the good and keep up the goodwill of the brand. We celebrate

this day with great zeal and enthusiasm where we have interactive session with our employees and have a

party on their behalf and give them a platform to speak enjoy have fun, followed by games and contest

and every winner receives a trophy and we also have Retail Employee of the year who is felicitated with

the gift and a certificate by our leaders. That’s how we do us a bit of Retail Employee’s Day as a

token of thank-you and appreciation for our employee’s.



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