DIY Furniture Hacks

Furnish your home, your way. There is no other way to enhance your interiors that by doing it yourself. Evok Homes bring to you some really cool and easy DIY furniture hacks which you could use to decorate your home without spending a fortune on those already available in the market and by bringing in little quirk to your home.

These hacks are fun and interesting to play with, Give them a shot now and recycle your throwaways to something stylish and useful.

1. DIY tyre seating cum storage space.
Get those extra tyres to some use by converting them into seating cum storage space for your kids’ room. All you need is a tyre, two circular wooden planks, a cushioned seat, some paints and some glue.
Stick a circular wooden plank below the tyre with some some sturdy glue or one could even drill some screws, paint the tyre with the color of your choice, stick the cushion on the other wooden plank which will be placed on the top of the tyre (remember not to stick the plank with cushion to the tyre), the hollow space between can be used to store your essentials.

2. Re-purpose old drawers
The old drawers can be useful in numerous ways be it a shelf, bookcase, doll-house or a pet bed. The things you will be needing are some nails if you want to place the drawer on the wall, some paints, a small cushion base if you are planning to convert the drawer in a pet bed.
Paint the drawer which matches the color scheme of the room where you want to place it. Hammer some nails behind so that you can place the shelf on the wall. One can also place a cushion piece at the base to give their pets a new, comfortable bed.

Drawer Evok Blog

3. Re-use old window panes or glass door to a personalised photo display.
Had you ever thought about it, that those window panes and glass doors lying in your storeroom can be useful too? Instead of spending a huge chunk of your money on family portraits let’s create our own photo display. All you need is a windowpane or glass door, some normal and glass paints, white paper tape, few nails and not to forget a few lovely pictures of your dear ones.
Paint the wooden or metallic edges with few colors, hammer some nails at the back so that one can place it on the wall, stick the pictures from on the rear side of the glass with the tape so that they don’t get soiled and use glass colors to decorate to make the display look fancier.

4. Chair and stool Makeovers
Get a whimsical faux fur makeover to your chairs and stool. Ever visited a furniture store and loved its fur furniture, I’m sure they cost a bomb, well not anymore. Get yourself those same chairs without many efforts. All you need is some fabric glue, some fancy spray paints, faux fur which is readily available in markets at reasonable prices and not to forget the chair or stool you wish to have a makeover.
Spray paint the chair and stool with preferably black or gold. Cut the faux fur on convenient size to cover the seating and the back area and finally stick it to the chair with the help of fabric glue.

Fur Stool

5. Diy Coffee Table/side table.
Let’s add some style with ease to our homes. A fun way to create coffee or side tables from wire baskets. Yes, wire baskets can too be useful in other ways. All you need is spray paints, screws or glue, a circular wooden plank and a wire basket.
Paint the wire basket with the color suiting the color scheme of the room where you want to place it. Let it dry for a while. Paint the circular wooden plank too. Turn the basket upside down and stick the circular wooden plank with glue and drill some screws too in order to make it durable. Place an art piece or a vase over it to make it more attractive.

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