Create space for yourself and everything you own: Modular Wardrobe

Spacious home is something that we all dream of, but thanks to our undying desire for shopping, laziness and hoarding old things, we end up with a whole lot of unnecessary items. Storage has always been an issue and though we’ve tried all sorts of hacks to fix the situation, does it ever work? Even if it does, it will only solve your problem temporarily but will ruin the design aesthetics of your room.

So why not opt for something that is aesthetically pleasing to your room decor and style but also solves your storage problem making room for all your belongings giving you a clean and spacious room. The solution is a Modular Wardrobe which is a must-have for your new homes or while refurbishing your homes.

Interested in knowing more about modular wardrobes? Then scroll down and peep into the info.

 How you can create more space via modular wardrobe

Room for all

One of the perks of having a modular wardrobe is that it provides you better space option, unlike regular ones which cover additional space and offer less storage. Modular Wardrobes are built and tailored to keep your room sq.ft. in mind, thus providing you with optimised space through built-in walls and other solutions.


Interior-exterior wardrobe

Stylish designs and Customisation

Modularly designed wardrobes are not just modern and convenient, but smart. They are customised as per the room decor to complement the interior vibe. Whereas buying an individual wardrobe might differ concerning designs, colours, and compatibility with your room.  While purchasing a modular wardrobe, you have the opportunity to choose the material, the colour of the doors, or whether to give a wooden, metallic or gloss finish to your room giving it a chic look.

Custom Configurations

Another benefit of opting for the modular wardrobe is that you can have custom internal fittings, unlike the ready-made furniture where you get pre-decided racks and shoe space. With Modular Wardrobe, you can decide what sort of fittings you need whether you want to go for hanging clothes or shoe racks or drawers which are swift and noise proof avoiding the irritating adjustments.



Automatic Lights

Along with being stylish and space-efficient the modular wardrobes are technologically equipped. The integrated lighting provides you with perfect lighting to inspect your collections without the hassle of getting everything out to see in the light. Poor lighting and visibility are a few of the significant disadvantages of your ordinary wardrobes. Along with its functionality, the lighting effect also provides an aesthetic appeal to the look of the wardrobe.


Cuts Clutter

Having separate wardrobes tend to ruin the alignment of the furniture placements and too much furniture makes it look cluttered and untidy. You can avoid the mess with a modular wardrobe because they fit without disturbing the aesthetics of your interior and blend entirely without taking any extra space.




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    Hi, could you please send me different wardrobes with hangers at bottom for a size of 7 feet (approx.) long x 6 feet (approx.) height, & 22-24″ deep. Please also write details of wood + other materials used.



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    Hi Sumit! We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please elaborate on the issue that you are facing and share your order number so we could look into this issue?

    Evok Team

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    please display the modern and beauty looking best quality wardrobe size L -12 ft. H – 8 ft. and depth 2 ft with approx price.

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