Bored of the same old white wall? Here are some 2019 colours that can transform the walls of your house.

Home is where the heart is. Be it a working professional or a student, everyone wants to head home and unwind after a long day at work. The colours on your walls play a significant role in making or breaking the look of your house. How about coming home to not just white walls but something that gives you and your family an immediate mood lift.

Here are some colours that you could use to transform the look of your house-
1. Maroon
2. Navy Blue
3. Graphite Grey
4. Sunshine Yellow
5. Royal Green
6. Salmon Pink

1. Maroon


Maroon is not only a very warm colour but can also give your house a royal feel. You can have a combination of maroon walls with a white ceiling and the appropriate lighting would give you a very royal look. A maroon wall grabs attention and subconsciously suggests speed combined with confidence.

Blue is a cool and refreshing colour. While blue in any shade is equally pretty, navy blue adds a little more beautiful than the others. Navy blue looks extremely sleek and classy, especially in the bedrooms. Navy Blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, wisdom and intelligence. This particular color on the walls slows down human metabolism, It produces a calming and tranquillity effect hence it is highly beneficial to the body and mind.

3. Graphite Grey

While grey seems like a very dull colour otherwise, it looks extremely classy on walls. It can look very suave with the right decor and the right accent colors, which in this case, is dark brown. Grey on all the walls might look a little dull, hence it is best to use it in combination with white walls. In the world of color psychology, grey represents peace and balance. It gives off a sense of calm and security and is a perfect neutral color to add to your wall for the classic look.

4. Sunshine Yellow

You can also choose to brighten up your day with sunshine yellow. It is the perfect colour to make your house look vibrant and lively. Yellow comes from the warm colour family and gives a very light and warm vibe. Yellow brings out the structure and elements in your room. So, using yellow with complicated architecture can bring out the elements. Yellow brings out tremendous energy to houses when used artistically and is a must go color to make your room brighter. While yellow can induce positive effects, it has also shown to create frustration and anger when not used properly. Yellow is one of those colors that should be used after careful consideration.

5. Royal Green

Another great option for you is Royal Green with which you can wake up to the colors of nature! Greens are always pleasing to the eye. However, they need to be combined with appropriate amounts of the contrast colors in forms of bedsheets and decor in order to avoid giving your room a heavy look and get their real beauty out. Vibrant greens will help you with the monotony of whites in your bedroom. Green, when used correctly, has a calming effect before going to sleep and can help relieve stress.

6. Salmon Pink


While pink is considered a feminine color, Salmon pink consists of a perfect mix of orange and pink. Salmon pink is considered a hopeful color and a signal of health and happiness. This color is particularly good for bedrooms as it gives a fresh vibe to the room making it look lively and energetic.

Colors not only give a personality to your home but also affects you psychologically. Different kinds of colors, as well as the different shades the color comes in, evoks different responses from different people.  It is very crucial for an individual to choose the correct colors that suit the vibe of the surrounding and the people living in it. While this guide provides a basic guide to help your wall color decisions, it largely depends on your personality. So, it’s vital that you choose the color that works specifically for you.

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