Bed Buying Guide : 7 Things to Keep In Mind When Buying a Bed

The bed has to be the favourite piece of furniture for everyone. After all, it is the only place to lie down and relax after a hectic day or simply unwind ourselves when we feel lazy. The bed is always associated with comfort, so you should never compromise with its quality. With a plethora of kinds and designs available, you need to know which one will fit in accordance with your requirement. In this blog, we are dropping some helpful information that will help you buy the perfect wooden bed for yourself.

1. Consider the space available

Firstly, you need to purchase the bed in accordance with the room where you will place it. Also, take into account the number of people who will be sleeping on the bed. This will help you determine the size of the bed that you should go for. If your room is spacious enough to accommodate a huge bed, go for a regal king-size bed. This type of bed is best suited for master bedrooms. On the contrary, if you have a slightly smaller room, opt for a queen-size bed or a double bed. These beds work well in guest bedrooms.
If the room is significantly smaller and you need a bed for only one person, then a single bed can be convenient. On the other hand, wooden bunk beds, go well for kids’ room that does not have space for big-sized beds. Two-storey or three-storey bunk beds can be a happy place for small kids where they can snuggle playfully and have a good rest time.

2. Material

Wooden Bed

When it comes to selecting the material for a bed, nothing can surpass the quality and the aesthetic beauty of solid wood beds. There are many kinds of sturdy and classic wooden types such as Sheesham, acacia, solid wood, mango wood, and engineered wood, to name a few.
Whether you want to go for wooden beds without storage or a solid wood bed with storage, the wooden material is something that has a class of its own. Moreover, there are ample reasons why you should buy only a solid wood bed from Evok. Here are some of the reasons!
1. The wood can be carved and transformed into a countless variety of designs and styles.
2. Solid wood is durable and often turns into an heirloom that is passed from generation to generation.
3. Wood is environment-friendly as you can opt for recycled wood for making your bed. Also, even when the bed gets old, you can simply get it polished to get a refurbished look.
4.Wood is easy to maintain and clean.

3. Bed Design – Upholstered and non-upholstered bed
upholstered bed

The design of the headboard is yet another factor that you should consider when buying a bed. If you want a rich look, then go for a tufted luxury designer upholstered bed. You can select from an endless range of upholstered bed designs. You can opt for leather, velvet, or any other kind of design. If you want a relatively simpler look, then a non-upholstered bed is the one for you; plus, these come at a much reasonable rate.

4.The bed should blend with the decor of the room interior

Bed match with decor

Ensure that the bed you choose blends well with the room décor. The bed should match the décor elements like the lampshade, wall clock, lighting and rugs, etc., present in the room. The entire space should look picture-perfect, with each aspect looking in sync with each other. Also, the bedsheet that you choose for the bed should be compatible with the bed and not too loud or sober compared to the bed design.

5. The bed should match with the other furniture pieces of the room


You do not want your bed to look like an odd piece of furniture in your home. Every piece of furniture that the bedroom houses should match with each other. You cannot buy a wooden bed and keep an iron bedside table. It will be such a turn-off! Everything from the bed to the bedside table, the wardrobe, dressing table, chairs, and any other room furniture should blend well with each other in terms of material and design.

6.Storage requirements

Modern beds have doubled up as storage spaces creating a piece of more convenient furniture with dual functionality. Plus, we love the idea of hiding away the essential and bulky stuff underneath the bed so that they stay safely out of view. So, save yourself from the extra clutter by packing away all your extra pillows, comforters, blankets, woollen wear, and anything else inside the storage space. Depending upon the space available, you can opt for a king-size bed with storage space or a double bed with storage space.
On the other hand, if you are a cleanliness freak and want the space underneath the bed to be free and open and easy to clean, then a bed without storage is the one for you.
Now there are a couple of designs available when it comes to beds with storage. Let us see!

Box storage -Often termed as the conventional storage style in beds, these come with built-in storage spaces with two or four doors at the top of the bed or the sides.

Drawer storage – Beds with drawer storage also have built-in storage spaces in the form of huge drawers underneath the bed. These beds have sliding drawers attached where you can store your stuff. This is a more convenient design as you do not have to remove the mattress at the top, unlike the box storage system to open the door.

Hydraulic storage – Much similar to the box storage bed except that the storage space underneath in the hydraulic system is exactly the same breadth and width as the bed. Attached with a handle, you can lift the door with the mattress to put in and take out your stuff from the storage space underneath.


Your budget should always be a significant consideration before you buy an item of furniture. It is never a good idea to dig a hole in your pocket when buying a bed because there are many designs and styles available that suit every pocket. So go for selecting a bed that suits not only your taste but also your budget. A king or queen-size bed would do well for you only if you have the budget to cover its high cost. If you have a low budget, then go for a single bed without storage. You can also opt for online purchases or buy during the ‘Sale Season’ to avail discounts.

So, browse from a collection of beautiful beds from Evok and bring home an elegant bed for a luxurious appeal.

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