9 ways to improve your storage strategies and get organized

Every home, be it spacious or small, requires strategic storage solutions. Organizing your home with the right amount of storage space can feel like a daunting task and even be tricky. It requires the right type of furniture to ensure – a place for everything and everything in its place! A home that has planned storage solutions will always be well-organized. So, begin by decluttering and ordering the best home storage units for your place.
Here are nine ways to improve your storage strategies in every room to get a beautiful and organized home: –

10 tips to decorate your home with the perfect mix of modern furniture and vintage pieces

Blending traditional décor with modern interior design style means multi-layering your home with inherited, vintage, and antique pieces to develop a cohesive and personal style. Sleek modern lines mixed with a touch of vintage design are a sure way to create an eclectic look in your home. The approach helps find the perfect place for heirloom pieces adding a unique contrast to any room. The only challenge is to get the right visual balance by blending the right amount of contemporary design with antique pieces.

Bored of the same Christmas lighting setup? This Xmas Decor Guide is for you

The Christmas season celebrates the festive spirit of love, forgiveness, and togetherness. Houses, public areas and churches are decorated with Christmas trees, Poinsettia flowers, aromatic candles, hanging star-shaped lanterns, and twinkling lights. This year, we bring you traditional to trending Christmas home decoration ideas to add the perfect touch of festive cheer. Here is how to curate the best Christmas decor by bringing the winter wonderland into every room.

10 Trendy Home Styling Tips For All Your Wedding Functions This Season

This new normal, the big fat Indian wedding, has shifted from exotic locations to more intimate living room affairs. This wedding season, the home has become the centre of rituals and traditional feasts. Wedding  ceremonies like sangeet, mehendi, and haldi, are celebrated with close friends and family at home. Which brings us to the question – is  your home ready to host a wedding – classy, colourful, vibrant, and vibey

Here are a few home styling tips and décor ideas to transform your simple home into the perfect shadi  wala ghar!


Diwali decor solution for every corner of the house

Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Indians. The festival symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil. As per Hindu mythology, it is believed to be the time of the year when Goddess Lakshmi enters homes to give her blessings. It is the most vibrant and joyous festival of the country celebrated with pujas, lights, rangolis, firecrackers, gifts, sweets, and lavish get-togethers. Houses are cleaned, decorated, and renovated to welcome -Guests and Goddess Laxmi.

9 Tips on How to Protect your Solid Wood Furniture

Wood adds warmth to interior design. It being incredibly versatile, is often used in manufacturing wooden furniture. Today, top interior designers in India procure exclusive solid wood furniture to give designer homes a distinct personality. Good solid wood furniture helps produce a natural feel, a vintage charm, a sleek look, and an improved visual interest in any room. It is also more durable, customizable and resalable. Available in different wood tones, grains, and textures, wooden furniture not only looks timeless but even lasts a lifetime. But remember, wood being a natural material, solid wood furniture due to regular use is susceptible to abrasion, scratches, and wear and tear. Hence, it is essential to be mindful of the solid wood furniture in your home to create an asset and an heirloom piece.

How to get the best festive look at home this Ganesh Chaturthi 2021

Friday, 10 September 2021, India will celebrate another highly-awaited Hindu festival—Ganesh Chaturthi.  Also known as Vinayaka Chaturti, the 10-day festival marks the rebirth of Lord Ganesh, the elephant God and Lord of Prosperity. This year, since the situation has changed, the focus has shifted from pandals to personal homes. Every homeowner is now preparing to safely welcome the Lord of good fortune into their homes and lives.

Chimney Buying Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying a Chimney

The kitchen is the heart of every home. But to keep it looking cool and clean is no easy task, especially if you are cooking Indian cuisine. Indian food has rich aromas, uses tempering, and involves plenty of frying too. It leaves behind grime and odours and often food particles/stains on the cooking range, cabinets, and walls. So, the best solution is to install an excellent electric kitchen chimney or what is also called a kitchen hood for the hob. An electric chimney sucks the hot air inside a kitchen and expels or filters out food particles,  grease, grime, and odours. As the air passes through the electric chimney, the filters in the chimney absorb heat and trap the grease particles, keeping your kitchen clean, cool, and completely free of odours.

Wardrobe Buying Guide : 8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wardrobe

Today, let us talk about creating an efficient and well-organized wardrobe. A bedroom wardrobe has become an essential part of the design in modern homes. It helps to optimize the space while providing sufficient storage and improving the aesthetics of the bedroom. While designing a wardrobe, if you want to know — should I buy a stand-alone wardrobe or customize a built-in wardrobe, what are the types of clothing wardrobes available in the market, what are the latest types of wardrobe styles, or how much will a wardrobe cost.

7 Ideas to Creatively Set Up a Home Office

The new normal has given rise to the Work From Home (WFH) concept. Different home scenarios lead to as many home office ideas. In smaller houses, the loft or living room corner becomes an office, whereas, in bigger homes, an extra room is required to set up an office. What is essential is that you separate your home space from the office space so that you can physically step away from the computer after office hours. 
Your home office needs to provide the perfect balance between work life and family life. With the WFH office now a necessity, let us learn how to set up a home office innovatively that will help you collaborate better with your team from a distance.