Are you moving into a new house?

Moving into a new house is always fun but at the same time its a task. To decorate and get all new furniture, fixtures decor etc which could fit into your house and look cool is a big challenge. To complete our dream house we all have a wish list but at first, we need some essential things to make the house livable & comfortable. We will make it easy for you & here is the list:
A Bed to sleep in!
No matter what we do, we need a bed to sleep in. The charm of the new house is incomplete until we get a BED! It can be chosen in varying sizes & designs to fit our room & pocket at the same time. Wishlist is always a SOLID WOOD bed.

New House Check List

Seating for you & guests
So we moved in & have invited people over for showing off your new house. Yes, it’s called a housewarming party. But where will they sit? You need to arrange for some seating. You can pick from a wide range of sofas (if you have time) or you can pickup chaise-lounges (fashionable people) or pick up different shaped chairs for the poor & funky.

buy couch, lamps, carpet

Kitchen to cook
Guests are in & they are seated, but what to serve them? Even if we cook at home or call for food over home delivery, we need some cutlery & utensils to stir, mix, serve & eat. Basic cutlery would do like plates, bowls, spoons, glasses & some basic vessels for cooking.

Buy Kitchen Items

Bathroom accessories
After all the work of shifting & cleaning, we head to the bathroom to prepare for the party or for work the next day. Thus, getting some basic bathroom fittings are important. Like a washbasin, shower, taps, a pot & a water heater. There are many good brands & designs to choose from & can fit all wallet sizes.

Spa essentials ( towels, soap, flowers , candle)

Furniture for Storage
We all need some furniture for storage. Be it a cupboard, shelf, side-table or kitchen cabinet, we need some closed furniture to store away those valuables. We will always have time later to mix & match good furniture etc. but this helps in the initial pains to go away.

Modern hallway with open door. 3D render.

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