Air Cooler Buying Guide

With the arrival of the hot and humid summer months, battling the heat becomes a huge challenge. No doubt, air cooling appliances are the most sought after products during the summers. While air conditioners often pinch hard on the pocket, air coolers are usually the pocket-friendly preference for most of us. They are, in fact, the best cooling solutions for areas with dry summer air.

Evok brings to you some of the best air cooler designs that can be your best bet for the scorching summer season. These coolers can be wonderful add-ons to your home interior owing to their aesthetic appeal and brilliant functionality. 

With a plethora of designs and functions, it becomes a difficult task to zero in one air cooler. However, we are here to your rescue! This blog is all about the various considerations you need to keep in mind while buying an air cooler that fits your requirement in the best possible way. But before we dive into those considerations, let us first know the workings of an air cooler and its different types. This understanding will help you make a better decision.

How does an air cooler function?

Air-coolers are cooling appliances that look like boxes. Air cooler units consist of a fan, a pump and water-soaked pads. The cooler first needs to be filled with sufficient water. Once the appliance is switched on, it captures the hot air from the surrounding which is then circulated within the cooler and further passed out through the pads that are soaked with water. This helps in cooling the temperature of the room and making the surrounding air cool and pleasant.

What are the different types of air coolers and which one you should opt for based on your space?

Evok brings to you some of the most prominent types of air coolers. Knowing their features will surely help you make a decision if they suit your available space and fit your requirement or not.

  • Desert Air coolers


    Hindware desert air cooler
    Hindware 60 L Desert Air Cooler

    These coolers are best fitted for places that have a dry climate. They are bigger in size and are meant for cooling big rooms and larger spaces. Comprising enormous water tanks and big-sized fans the desert air coolers are capable of cooling the extreme ends of the biggest size of rooms. These air coolers are great choices for outdoor areas such as backyard, courtyard or terrace.

Hindware Personal Air Cooler
Hindware Personal Air Cooler

Comparatively, smaller than desert air coolers, personal air coolers are absolute options for smaller rooms. They are best suited for humid conditions and are known to be energy efficient too. If you are looking for an air cooling solution for your bedroom then this is your ultimate respite as it offers faster cooling and is less noisy unlike desert coolers.

Hindware 22 L Tower Air Cooler
Hindware 22 L Tower Air Cooler

This kind of air cooler comes in a slim design and is extremely powerful in its fast cooling ability. They distribute air vertically and can cool down large spaces in a short span of time. They are lightweight, pocket-friendly and consume less electricity while being less noisy than its other counterparts.

  • Window Coolers

    Hindware 50 L Window Air Cooler
    Hindware 50 L Window Air Cooler

    As goes the name, window air coolers are meant to be installed on window frames. These powerful cooling solutions are reminiscent of the traditional air coolers having a large air capacity and save up floor space as they can be fitted on to windows.

  •  Mini Coolers

    Hindware 12 L Mini Air Cooler
    Hindware 12 L Mini Air Cooler

    Mini air coolers are compact versions of the conventional cooler that can fit into any small space like a boss, be it a personal office or a bedroom. They have a huge cooling capacity and are best suited for humid climates.

Key features you should consider while buying an air cooler

Here are some more factors that you should take note of while buying an air cooler:


  • Water tank capacity

This is probably the most important factor on which you should base your air cooler buying decision. With their evaporative cooling technique, air coolers convert water into water vapour, thus reducing the temperature of the air emitted by the fan in the system. Opting for air coolers with greater tank capacity is preferred as greater the water tank capacity, the longer will be the run-period of the air cooler. Larger spaces require coolers with larger water tank capacity. 

  • Airflow

The airflow of an air cooler is measured in cubic feet per minute, also known as CFM. This signifies the total amount of air that is cycled into the room in one minute. You need to calculate the CFM of your room the figure out the right size of air cooler that will fit best in it. All you need to do is divide the cubic feet of your room by 2. For instance, if the size of your room is 500 square feet and the height of the ceiling is 10 feet, then the CFM would be calculated as 500*10/2, i.e., 2500. While you go hunting for an air cooler, ensure that you look for models that have multiple speed settings. This enables you to control the airflow and room temperature as well. 

  • Cooling  pads

The cooling capacity of an air cooler is directly influenced by its cooling pads. These water-absorbing pads allow air to pass through it thereby cooling the air. The thicker the pad, the better is the cooling. These pads are either made of cellulose or aspen. Aspen pads are made with synthetic fibre and wooden shavings, are relatively cheaper and need high maintenance. 

On the other hand, cellulose pads are better known as honeycomb pads because of their look. These are thicker and have low maintenance and are long-lasting too. These are more efficient options to go for.

  • Design

Conventional air coolers were those big-sized box units that marred the look of a space and also blocked too much of open space in a room. However, these days, we have some of the coolest designs in air coolers that can uplift the look of any room and blend well with any interior theme. Today, we have compact air coolers in sleek and stylish designs that can be a great choice for contemporary homes. 

  • Air coolers with remote control

Modern air coolers are now available with remote controls which make speed settings incredibly easy and quick. Opt for those air coolers that come with the remote control to save yourself from the tiring hassles of reaching out to the system every time you want to change the speed settings.

So, we have furnished the ultimate Air Cooler Buying Guide for you! Hope this is going to help you tremendously when you go for buying an air cooler. Evok is the brand to look out for if you want quality air coolers at the most reasonable prices. The brand offers amazing designs and colors that are unmatchable when it comes to powerful performance and longevity. These air coolers have the best features that surely make for a stylish, modern summer cooling appliance. Perfectly suited for contemporary spaces, Evok air coolers are a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, reason enough for you to bring home one now!

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