5 Accent Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom!

For beginners to home designing, all the fancy words that decorators toss around might seem confusing, even scary at times. Don’t worry, Team Evok has got your back!

It’s important that you can understand and employ certain basic decor ideas that don’t require too much work. One of them is the Accent Wall. In home design terms, an accent is an object (a piece of furniture, rugs, curtains, objects or even walls) that is of a contrasting color so that the monotony of the room is broken.
The easiest way you can employ this technique is to use it in your bedroom – it serves as a simple way to uplift the mood of the room and to add a pop of color! Read on to learn about Accent Walls and how you can use them.

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is one wall in your room which differentiates from the rest of the walls. It can be differentiated with a different color or pattern to give your room a different look rather than having a boring standard color throughout!

Now you know what an accent wall means. Let’s move on to ideas which you can use to design your bedroom. Here are our favourite picks for the month let us know in the comment section which is your favourite one and which one are you planning to get for your bedroom.

1.Bedroom Headboard Wall

A colorful wall is great! But just to add a little more style why not design it with signature objects like an art piece or photos. This is less effort but the end result is very classy and minimalistic.

Bedroom Ideas

2. Travel Maps Inspired Accent Wall
Love to travel? Get the same vibes to your bedroom. Reflect your passion for travel on a bedroom wall and get inspired to travel every day looking at your map inspired accent wall.

Maps Inspired Bedroom Ideas

3. Geometric Accent Wall
The geometric design is the new design reflecting modern art. It can be freestyle art for your wall. The geometric accent wall is more of fun loving, freestyle for quirky bedroom decor.

Geometric Bedroom Ideas

4. Stone Accent Wall
One can never go wrong with the stone inspired accent walls. They go with every bedroom decor and the calming background is apt for bedroom design. The quote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is apt for the stone accent wall.

Stone Wall

5. Chalkboard Accent Wall
It’s the safest and fun-filled wall for kids where you don’t have to worry about the wall being ruined and you can encourage your kid’s artistic skills. You and your kids can create a new masterpiece every day!

Chalkboard Wall

So here are our top 5 picks for a bedroom accent wall. An accent wall is just the start, complete your bedroom with the rich quality furniture it needs. Visit www.evok.in and give the perfect look to your home

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