Wardrobe Buying Guide : 8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wardrobe

Today, let us talk about creating an efficient and well-organized wardrobe. A bedroom wardrobe has become an essential part of the design in modern homes. It helps to optimize the space while providing sufficient storage and improving the aesthetics of the bedroom. While designing a wardrobe, if you want to know — should I buy a stand-alone wardrobe or customize a built-in wardrobe, what are the types of clothing wardrobes available in the market, what are the latest types of wardrobe styles, or how much will a wardrobe cost.
These seven fundamentals and tips will help you understand how to choose a wardrobe: –

1. The external appearance of the wardrobe

Laminate, veneer, acrylic, paint, mirror, coloured glass are types of finishes for
wardrobes used for storing clothes. The external appearance is a factor to consider because it is one of the main pieces of furniture that draws attention to the bedroom design. It personalizes the space, expresses, and enhances the appearance of the bedroom design. The shape, size, color, texture, material, hardware, number of doors, and external finish of the wardrobe combine to provide a classy overall look. With an eye-catching wardrobe design, you do not need any more design elements in your bedroom.

2.Internal wardrobe design

As they say — do not judge a book by its cover, do not buy a wardrobe based on its outward appearance. The interiors that contain shoe shelves, sliding shelves, drawers with/without lock, shirt/saree hangers, hinges, mirrors, and handles determine how you can arrange your clothes, bags, and more to optimize space. Also, choose 24 inches over 18 inches wardrobe depth. A walk-in closet may have extra features like a dedicated safe, shoe system, closet island, valet rods, full-length mirrors, ironing board, and seating.

3.Readymade wardrobe v/s made-to-order wardrobe

There are two main kinds of wardrobes — free-standing or readymade wardrobes and made-to-order wardrobes. A free-standing wardrobe closet online is easy to move from one bedroom wall to another, even take it with you when moving homes. A made-to-order wardrobe is designed to your requirement. Besides these two main categories, there are other wardrobe types (explained later) based on the bedroom design, size, and other factors.

4. The wardrobe size

The wardrobe size should fit in the space allotted in the bedroom. It is best you measure the allotted space for the wardrobe before you buy one or even begin to compare wardrobe prices. The wardrobe size should not be so big that it overpowers the other bedroom furniture nor too small that you leave unutilized space. Ensure to check out the exact size and specifications to find the best wardrobe designs for a small bedroom to a large bedroom to suit your needs. The size of the bedroom will finally influence the bedroom wardrobe — be it a bespoke floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, a free-standing closet system

5.The material of the wardrobe

Particleboard, MDF, and plywood are the most frequently used materials in wardrobes. There are also materials like laminates, acrylic, and coloured glass used in wardrobe design. Choose the appropriate material to blend with the traditional style bedrooms,
use dark-tone materials and for a contemporary style, opt for light laminates, mirrors, or steel. In the end, ensure it is lightweight and durable. Also, don’t forget to look for organic and non-toxic materials while designing a children’s wardrobe.

6.The wardrobe door style

Not just the wardrobe interior design but the style of the shutter panels and the number of doors on a  wardrobe matter too. The wardrobe doors must be easy to manage, look pretty and not warp or bend with time. There are different door types for a wardrobe design — Bypass (Sliding) closet doors, Bifold closet doors, Mirror closet doors, Accordion closet doors, Pocket closet doors, French closet doors, and  Pivot closet doors. Each of these serves a different purpose. For example, Pivot doors allow the door to open out fully, giving access to the entire closet opening, and the Bypass or sliding doors installed within a frame use a track for the doors to slide past one another to save space.

7. The functionality of the wardrobe

A lot depends on how much and what kind of clothes you want to store in your wardrobe. If you have a  hundred sarees, you may require more hanging space than drawers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a wardrobe for kids, you may want something with multiple drawers to organize their different kinds of clothing in separate sections. Ultimately, your wardrobe design ideas need to find the right balance between style and functionality for bedrooms.

8.The wardrobe price

Besides the wardrobe size, style, and material, there is one more crucial element to consider – its price. While designing a new bedroom or renovating an existing bedroom keep in mind the overall budget. Then decide how much you can allocate towards getting the best wardrobe for your bedroom without breaking the budget. Pick the best alternative that fits your bedroom vision in – aesthetics, utility, and pricing.

Different Types of Wardrobe Designs 

Here are some of the types of wardrobe designs to expect while looking for wardrobe design ideas for your home.

1. Free-standing wardrobe
Most versatile, readily available, and movable. Also known as stand-alone wardrobes, they are the best alternative to old-fashioned steel cupboards.

2. Two-door or three-door panel wardrobe
The two-door panel wardrobe has drawers on one side and rails on the other half. The three-door panel has additional shelving or rails.

3. Sliding door wardrobe
It eliminates the need to open doors outwards where space is a constraint. The sliding door wardrobe is a  contemporary storage solution for our city homes.

4.Hinged doors wardrobe
The conventional wardrobe design is a staple in Indian homes. The doors on hinges can swing outwardly at  90- degrees to enable a full view of the closet. You could mount a mirror or additional hooks/ racks on the inside of the door.

5.Customized wardrobe
A customized wardrobe built on-site combines the exact specs of your bedroom with your personal preference. It allows you to select everything from the internal configurations to the external finish. So,  whether it is a corner wardrobe or a mirror wardrobe, consider it a blank canvas to design your perfect wardrobe.

Whatever be your type of wardrobe, it has to be the right size and dimension for your room and requirement, safe and sturdy, and appealing to the eye. Now that you know where to begin, it is time to upgrade your bedroom style with help from an interior designer or online wardrobe shopping.


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