7 Upcoming Bedroom Themes You Should Try Out This Year

We know that thinking of how your room should look like can be a bit difficult. So we have made a list of bedroom themes that are trending this year. You can totally try them out and get the bedroom of your dreams.

1) Colourful accessories over white :
This one has been on the high side of bedroom trends, but we couldn’t avoid talking about it since it’s been up there for so long and continues to do so. Pick some vivid, colorful room accessories and make it even more lively by contrasting it over white tones.

White Beds for furniture

2) Minimal furniture
Minimal bedrooms are really a hidden beauty. Not many people go for the style because of its blatant simplicity, but there is actually more to them than meets the eye. If you’re not a fan of colours and too many objects around you, a minimal room is perfect for you!

minimal bedroom furniture idea

3) Industrial bedroom design:
We’ve seen it time and time again, but it looks like industrial bedroom design has come for real in 2017. Tiled walls, slim-legged metallic furniture, and heavy brown tones are everywhere and so should they be in your room.

Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

4) Follow the greyscale:
This is an ingenious bedroom idea where the tones seem so colourless that it only stands out the life coming from the plant. These rooms look very elegant and make it a perfect theme for grey lovers. This is one of the most upcoming trends in 2017.

Grey Shades for the Bedroom

5) Concrete walls:
There’s beauty in combining rough concrete walls with vivid modern furniture and light colors, the contrast makes it irresistible and from all the themes that came up this year, this is one of those bedroom trends that’s here to stay.

Concrete Wall Bed Designs

6) Go green:
Having plants in the room has become a big trend this year. Houseplants can do more than just make your shelves look brighter. They also can boost your mood, enhance your creativity, reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, and naturally filter air pollutants. You could say they’re quite the multi-taskers.

Bedroom Design Ideas

7) Dark shades:
Not a fan of white or the regular grey shades? Don’t be afraid to go dark and dramatic. Dark colours give your room a very bold look and make it look very elegant. These beautiful dark bedrooms feel like cozy, warm cocoons for sleeping in — and what could be better than that?

Dark Shades for Beds

So these are the trends we feel you should really try out for your room. Let us know which one y’all like the most.

Let us know which ones you’ll be using to do up your bedroom.
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