7 Benefits Of Using A Kitchen Chimney

Over the years, as cooking developed from a necessity to a recreational activity, it has prompted the invention of various types of appliances to make the process more efficient and enjoyable. Today, kitchen appliances are no longer just facilitators but means for all our kitchen activities. Our life, to a certain extent, has come to depend on them. Moreover, certain appliances also aid our well-being efforts, such as kitchen chimneys.

But, why do you need a chimney in your modern kitchen?

Indian cooking produces a lot of smoke, smell, and splutter. Every meal leaves a lasting impression not just on the minds of the feasters but also on the walls, tiles, and ceiling of the kitchen. This is where a kitchen chimney comes in, and it has become an indispensable part of a modern-day modular kitchen.

Here are 7 reasons why you should get a kitchen chimney today!

1. It helps in keeping the kitchen space clean and spotless

Have you ever noticed a greasy residue on your kitchen’s granite or tiles? Well, that is because the fumes emitting from your meal preparation get stuck to the surface and start to accumulate into a sticky, greasy mess over time. The tiles become dirty and dark, making the space look mucky and stained. Chimneys usually absorb all of the oil and gunk present in the fumes, thereby ensuring that your kitchen is clean and smokeless. If you happen to be a cleanliness freak, a chimney must be on your wish list!

2. Say goodbye to unwanted smell

If your modular kitchen is attached to your living room, then you must install a chimney to make sure that the smell of the food does not disturb your guests. Chimneys help in the removal of odour from the air, making sure that the smell of raw food and vegetables does not travel outside the kitchen. 

3. Chimneys have an aesthetic appeal

ChimneyWhile there are many advantages of having a chimney, one of the most important aspects is the aesthetic appeal that it adds to a kitchen. Any kitchen space gets a major facelift once a chimney is properly set up. Believe us, the look of your kitchen will drastically change!

4. It regulates the kitchen temperature

Ever thought about why restaurant kitchens always have a few chimneys installed? Well, that is because they help get rid of the excessive heating in a professional kitchen set-up. If you live in a city with a hot and humid climate and hate spending time in the kitchen because of the heat, then you must invest in a good chimney. There is a built-in blower in the chimney which sucks away the heat produced by the stove, oven, or heater, thereby regulating the temperature of the kitchen. 

5. It prevents sneezing and irritation during cooking

We love including a variety of spices in our dishes which can cause people to sneeze and feel uncomfortable. Chimneys have the ability to immediately suck the strong odour and smoke, making it very comfortable for you to cook without any kind of irritation. If you have allergies or hate cutting onions or cooking tadka because they make your eyes water, then installing a chimney in your kitchen must be your priority. 

6. It can improve your property’s value

A well-maintained home has a lot of market value. Having a chimney will make sure that your home looks smart, well-designed, and properly thought out. As mentioned above, chimneys also help in maintaining the aesthetic of the space by keeping it super clean. Plus, the resale value of well-made electric chimneys is pretty decent.

7. It works silently and efficiently

The best part about modern-day chimneys is the fact that they work silently, without producing any noise. You can now listen to your favourite music while cooking or even cook in absolute peace without the sound of an exhaust fan whirring in the background.

Think no more. A chimney is a must-have item in any modern kitchen and investing in one would be a good idea because it would work efficiently for years at a stretch with little or no maintenance. 

Shop for the right chimney and we promise it will certainly be the best addition to your modular kitchen.


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