5 Tips For Buying a Sofa

In this era of endless choice, there seem to be infinite options when it comes to choosing a sofa. Be it any room in your house, the sofa is one of the major highlights and is a one-time investment. Are you thinking of buying a sofa? Why not take the time to buy the perfect one?

However, before going to buy one, it is important you have answers to a few questions like What is the budget? Which fabric to go for? Where do you want to place it? How many seaters are you looking for? Which style to opt for?

In order to make the hunt for the perfect sofa a little easy, here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying one:

  1. Sturdy select

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It is very important to know the base material used to make the sofa. The plastic-based sofa is strictly a ‘no’ as they might be cheaper than other material based sofa but they are often delicate and weak. The metal-based sofa must also be avoided as the metal tends to rust after 2 or 3 years damaging the fabric and are not useful in the long run. Wood based sofa is the safest choice to opt for. It is also advisable to check the sofa from behind and pat in the centre to make sure it isn’t hollow. The frame of the sofa should not wobble or creak.

2. Neutral shades

Opting for a contrasting colored sofa to the color of the walls is always a good idea, but opting for neutral shades even better. A neutral shaded sofa will probably be in the room when you repaint or re-wallpaper. Neutral shades do not always look boring one can always add drama and flair to the room by placing fancy, patterned cushions over the sofa.

3. Know the size and shape
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It is well said – ‘Measure twice, buy once’. Always make sure you know the correct measurements of the sofa before you commit to buy it. You definitely don’t want an oversized sofa in your room which leaves you with no free space or a small-sized one which looks way too odd. Make sure the sofa you buy isn’t too high making it uncomfortable for one to sit on it. Also, have a clear idea about the shape of the sofa beforehand which you would like to have in your house.

4. Feel the edges
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A sharp-edged sofa is never a good idea, they often not only tend to tear the fabric of the sofa over a period of time but also peel the color off the wall they are placed against. It is important to ensure that all the edges of the sofa are well padded.

5. A mattress check

A quality mattress check to ensure comfort and ultimate relaxation is a must before you buy the sofa. One must also know about the springs and cushion stuffings used to build the masterpiece. Seat cushions should be firm and resilient and fit snugly within the sofa frame. Additionally, the cushions should regain their shape after you press down and let go. A cushion that stays put when you press down will be flattened in no time, end up looking unsightly and feel uncomfortable when you sit on it.

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