5 Space Saving Ideas

Have a small apartment? Facing storage space issues? Struggling to stay organised? Have problems no more!
With a few tips and tricks, we present you, 5 space saving ideas to maximise the space and enjoy your little home without daily frustration and not even wishing for a bigger apartment.

1. Use foldable furniture

fold able furniture online

Find a few places or corners in your that you don’t need to use all the time. Consider it for placing some foldable or extendable furniture like a table, folding chairs, a desk or maybe even an ironing surface. Place them vertically against the wall or maybe behind another piece of furniture.

2. Use the space behind the doors for storage

Usage of Door Spaces

Every door serves an extra purpose. Consider hammering few hooks at the back of the door and unclutter the mess in your room just by putting that extra dress, some accessories and maybe even a pair of shoes on the hooks. This vertical storage system will help you store numerous other necessities.

3. Create storage space underneath the furniture

Beds with Storage

Just by raising the height of your sofa or bed by inches you can enjoy some extra storage space underneath. Make sure to create a system of cases so that it looks neat and is dust free.

4. Install a retractable bed

Retractable Bed

Hung from the ceiling, installed on a wall or stored inside a closet, retractable beds are a system that works for your space. They might look intimidating but they are super fancy and will never fail to give a modern touch to your apartment.

5. Multi-purpose furniture

Multi use furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is the ultimate space savers and is very convenient for your petite apartments like a sofa cum bed or centre table which could also store some essentials.

And here is an extra tip just for you.

6. Install shelves and cover them with sliding mirrors

Install Shelves

Make your apartment look spacious than ever before just by installing shelves and cover with mirrors. Mirrors are known as the best space maximising the hacking tool. However, always remember to place them in a place where they could reflect light and give an illusion of depth to any small space.

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