10 Amazing Furniture Ideas For Duplexes

Duplexes are often categorized as luxury living units that comprise 2 housing sections joined together by a staircase. Consisting of two floors, a duplex house has quite a number of rooms including a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, etc. Often the two sections have different entry points making duplexes one of the most convenient and spacious housing facilities for modern families.

The staircase often serves as the focal point of a duplex connecting the two floors while adding a sense of functionality and aesthetic beauty to the space.

An open kitchen can be a hit these days with millennial families as they bring about space and exceptionality to the house. A proper connection should be established among each room of the house making the home feel like a well-connected space.
The two stories of a modern duplex house can also have two separate entry points if there are two separate families living on each floor. This will entail proper privacy and personal space for each family.

You can experiment with a plethora of interior design ideas for coming up with the most impressive duplex style.

Furniture ideas for a luxury duplex house

Let us see the best furniture options for duplex houses!

Living room furniture

The living room in a duplex is usually a sizable one; therefore go for sofa sets that give off an immersive idea of royalty, yet blend well with the theme of the house decor. Sofas with huge seating capacities can also be a good choice given the abundant space in the living room.

Recliners can be your perfect companion when you need to put your hair down and simply relax. A comfortable recliner can be the best add-on to your clan of sofas and ottomans in your living room giving it a complete look of lounge space. The living room of a duplex should be a comfort zone and so a recliner is a must-have piece of furniture.

Add a distinctive ottoman to your living room as a focal point sprinkling a richly, rustic charm to your décor. Go for a leather or velvet ottoman with a wooden base as it will add a royal appeal to the décor theme of your duplex while playing the perfect role of holding your trays or simply a base for propping up your heels while you lounge on your sofa.

Dine-in style with a flamboyant dining table replete with designer chairs to give a complete look and feel to your living room. A duplex living room must have a separate dining section so that you can enjoy a good family time with a scrumptious meal whenever you want to. You can opt for a six-seater or eight-seater dining set as it will complement the magnificence of a duplex.

Bedroom furniture

Explore from a range of bed designs for Evok in high-quality wood and super-standard finishing. The bed should be the one which gives ultimate relaxation in a duplex house and you should go with nothing but the best. As duplex is synonymous with everything larger than life, therefore, a king or a queen-size bed would do justice in such a flamboyant house.

dressing tablePrep and preen yourself in style, with a luxury dressing table in your bedroom. Opt for elegantly crafted wooden dressing tables with functional shelves or cabinets and full-length mirrors for your very own grooming station in your den.

A must-have bedside essential is the classic bedside table that holds your knicks-knacks and a lampshade. Laced with premium finishing, these bedside stands are replete with a chest of drawers adding more functionality to the piece. A duplex is always not about everything sizeable, but you should pay attention to even the smaller pieces of furniture that are essential to give the duplex bedroom a complete look.

  • Wardrobe

    Large-sized wardrobes have now become quintessential duplex furniture for modern bedrooms. You can opt for wardrobes that come with sliding doors or built-in mirrors and drawers to unleash the fashionista in you in an elite way. With big-sized bedrooms in duplexes, huge wardrobes with at least 4 to 6 doors are something to bring in.

Miscellaneous furniture

 These can find a place either in your living room or your bedroom or your study room to give wings to the bibliophile in you. If you love books then settle for elegantly designed bookshelves in premium wood for an archetypal appeal.

Buffet With HutchGet the most exclusive cabinets for your modular kitchen as they look like one straight out of the décor magazines. Give the kitchen in your duplex house a dramatic look by opting for high-end cabinets in sleek wood finishing and gorgeous designs.

Throw in some extra seating spaces to any of the rooms in your modern duplex house by adding some lovely stools. These small seating arrangements add up to the look and charm of the house while looking absolutely stunning in sharp wooden designs.

How to design and furnish your duplex in a luxurious manner

If you want to bring a touch of royalty to your latest duplex house design then it is not necessary that you need to furnish huge credit card bills for the same. If you work out smartly then definitely you can have a gorgeous duplex house interior decoration without footing huge bills. You need to go for essential furniture pieces as mentioned above and arrange them in accordance with a brilliant décor theme. Opt for premium furniture from Evok as they give you quality for money and will surely be your best buy. Also, relocatable wooden furniture like stools and recliners can be shifted from one room to another as per their use; this eliminates the idea of buying useless furniture and opting for only versatile ones, thus, saving you extra money.

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